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Envor Group Oy

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Envor - pioneer in circular economy since 1964

Our expertise is based on a family business with its roots in Forssan Romu, a scrap dealer founded in 1964. Sister and subsidiary companies operating in the background include Forssan Romu Oy (1964), Railapa Oy (1979), Forssan Teollisuus- ja Kiinteistöpalvelu Oy (1990) and Etelä-Suomen Multaravinne Oy (1996). In 2006, the companies were merged under the same umbrella brand and Envor Group Oy (Ltd.) was born.

It has happened a lot in the past 60 years, and as the environmental sector has developed, growth has often been sought from a new direction. However, one thing has not changed over the years. Namely, the fact that Envor is still very much a family business where we work together for a better tomorrow.

Envor Group's companies work closely together, and our wide range of services includes material recycling to industrial cleaning, property maintenance, baling services, transport and loading services, and comprehensive waste management.

The starting point for our operations has always been pioneering. We want to be one step ahead in environmental know-how, and market and customer requirements. Being a pioneer means that there are not always ready-made norms, rules and processes available, but you have to create them yourself through trial-and-error. That is why we have over the decades regularly developed new recycling techniques and technologies to promote waste recovery.

It is no wonder that more than 98 % of the waste we process today is directed to secondary raw material or other forms of recovery through our own treatment plants or responsible partners. As a result of our development work, several similar plants have also emerged on the market that utilise the technology we have refined. And thanks to decades of development work, we can offer our customers tailored and highly competitive service packages that also meet future expectations.

Finally, our mission is to make materials genuinely circulate – together with our customers and for the benefit of the whole World.